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Sell My House Fast  NC!

We Buy Houses NC - TRUSTED Cash Homebuyers in 
North Carolina!

We understand that your different and not just a number- which is why we have many options when it comes to buying your house. These options make us unique and able to help virtually anyone that needs to sell. We buy houses NC and close in 30 days or less. We can even close on your timeframe!

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At NC Fair Cash Offer people often ask us: “How can I sell so quickly?” “Doesn’t’ that take months?” NO. It takes days. When a buyer obtains financing the process takes months depending on what the buyer may want you to fix, and pay for. We give you a detailed breakdown to help you understand our offer. Every persons needs are different and so is each property.


sell my house fast nc - no need to clean your house
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We Pay Cash in North Carolina!

Any Condition!

Any Reason!

Any Challenge!

" Adam is indeed The Best person I could have asked for. I have been trying to sell my house for some time and was always so tied up into things that it kept pushing my selling back. Adam stayed patient and worked me for almost a year with selling my home. It was quick and painless. I highly recommend him if you want the job done fast and perfect. I can’t put it into words of how great of a job he did with me and my family. He didn’t treat it like just a job or a quick buck he actually cared and that made things a million times better. USE HIM.! Thanks Again Adam.!!!!!!!!!! ❤️ "                                                              
 -Dominique Stone

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We Buy ALL Kinds of Real Estate.. Multi-Family, Mobile Home Parks, Houses, Condos, Commercial and MORE!

We Buy Houses NC – Our Easy, Fast Cash Close!

Stop ALL The Repairs! We Are Ready To Buy!

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Even if your property is Storm Damaged- these are the types of houses we are looking to buy! Other issues? Facing Divorce? Moving? Upside down in your mortgage? Liens? Foreclosure looming ahead? We have MASSIVE knowledge on how to solve the most complex issues. Granted, we can't solve everyone's selling problems- BUT GIVE US A SHOT! Sell My House Fast NC - and TRUST your EXPERT and LOCAL North Carolina Real Estate Team!

It doesn’t matter whether you live in it, you’re renting it out, it’s vacant, or not even habitable. We will respect your property and understand you want to solve a problem. Here at NC Fair Cash Offer, our team gets it. You want a fair offer and don't need to be low-balled. We aren't here to waste your time. We Buy Houses NC and need investment properties to continue our business - AND help others avoid nasty problems all together!

We help owners who have inherited an unwanted property, own a vacant house, are behind on payments, owe liens, downsized and can’t sell… even if the house needs repairs that you can’t pay for… and yes, even if the house is fire damaged or has bad rental tenants. Let us analyze the situation for you before you think selling isn't even possible! 

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Can I Sell My NC House Fast WITHOUT Hassles? 
-YES! Here's a BIG Flip We Just Finished!

cash buyer home flip in nc completed cash buyer home flip in nc sell my house by owner nc




Can I Sell Fast Without 
Cleaning at All? 
Yes You Can! Remember… 

NC Fair Cash Offer is the Trusted 
Sell My House Fast NC Company!

Many people search “Sell My House Fast NC” locally, and need the expertise of a TRUSTED and LOCAL investment company. If you want to sell your NC house… we’re ready to give you a fair all-cash offer or possibly buy on terms. As an expert North Carolina cash home buyer that's experienced, we have the full understanding of the Real Estate Market and work with A+ Professional Attorneys & Investors that can solve COMPLEX selling issues!

sell my house fast nc and avoid selling with an agent NC cash for houses                                                                          get the best cash offer in nc for your property

Can I Sell My House Fast NC
Without an Agent?

Sell Your House FAST With a Cash or Creative Offer!

Cash Offer

Cash Offers are Best for fast sales to liquidate unwanted or burdensome property. Even if you are just looking, this is a great way to reduce stress and unknown factors when selling. We are real cash buyers READY to CLOSE!

  • Sell Your House Fast AS-IS and we do all the repairs. Take what you want and leave what you don’t want! We pay ALL Closing Costs!
  • The cash offer method is the best used method for quick relief. Best use cases are if you need to liquidate the property for any reason.
  • Typically best for “Free and Clear” property types or Inherited   properties with little to no mortgage balance remaining or other liens.
  • Moderate to heavy repair is typical with these types of houses.
  • Cash may be essential for a time-critical sale or closing.
  • Can work in Pre-Foreclosure Scenarios.
  • The property is unwanted or costing you too much and would be best for a quick sale for many of life’s reasons… job transfer, money to pay bills, buy a new house, expecting children etc…
  • Cash closings are done within 7-30 days or on your specific time frame.
  • We can show up in person or send out an Electronic Agreement (DocuSign).
  • Title search is performed by our outstanding attorneys to make sure Title is clear of any Encumbrances we may not know of.
  • You will sign documentation asserting you are the Owner on Record.
  • Closing will take place on the Scheduled Date and you will receive your funds either by
  • Check, or Bank Wire. (Pickup of Check Available if you’re Local!)

Creative Offer

Buying on Terms, or Taking Over Payments is one BIG form of relief for Sellers. This can provide VERY quick relief, and in many cases be the best solution. We are real cash buyers READY to CLOSE!

  • Sell Your House Fast – AS-IS and we do all the repairs. Take what you want and leave what you don’t want! We pay ALL Closing Costs!
  • This offer type can be used in conjunction with the Cash Offer type.
  • Depending upon your situation and particular needs, we can create a “Hybrid” offer structure with some cash up front (at closing) and pay the agreed purchase price over time.
  • We may be able to take-over your existing payments (or debt service) to allow immediate sale and/or reinstate your mortgage if you are in default.
  • This is a FAST closing and literally allows you to walk away with all the benefits of a cash offer mentioned above.
  • Works well in Divorce   situations.
  • This is used for MANY situations and also allows for immediate transfer Out of Your Name.
  • This method can be used to STOP Foreclosure Auctions , used with Properties that have LITTLE TO NO EQUITY, and used where a Cash Offer alone would not work out.
  • Maybe your tired of Tenants and Repairs of renting out a property? No Problem!
  • Ask yourself.. Would you like to “Be The Bank” and have monthly income without the headaches of ACTUALLY being a Landlord?
  • We can show up in-person or send out an Electronic Agreement (DocuSign).
  • Title search is performed by our outstanding attorneys to make sure Title is clear of any Encumbrances we may not know of.
  • You will sign a documentation packet with Disclosures and Sale papers.
  • Closing will take place on the Scheduled Date- and SOLD!!
we buy houses nc near me

“Thank you Adam. Very professional and true to his words. Explained every details on how the process works made us more confident in our decisions to do business with them. We closed within a week. I would use their service again if Im ever back in the area. Highly recommend you include them in your options and check them out.”       
                                           -Pulifikasio Sete

No Hassle Fast Cash Offer NC                                                                          why pay agent fees? we buy houses nc

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We Buy Houses for Cash in North Carolina - Sell Your House Quickly and on Your Timeframe!

we buy houses cash in north carolina

North Carolina is a very unique state to say the least! In 1729 it was made a Royal Colony and originally part of the 13 Colonies. North Carolina has a vast array of climates, terrain and city landscapes. From the Mountains of the Appalachians to the Beaches of Emerald Isle and Wrightsville Beach. North Carolina also has a large Military Presence from Fr. Bragg in Fayetteville NC to Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville NC. Raleigh NC is the Capitol of North Carolina and just as big is Charlotte NC. These major metropolitan areas are the fastest growing areas in North Carolina. There's a home for everyone here!

If you're looking to sell a property with ANY kinds of issues- weather it be storm damage, facing foreclosure, inherited or house in probate process, tax liens, job transfer or for ANY reason! We can help you navigate through the tough ins and outs of real estate with our expert team! We buy houses North Carolina and in every major city!

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North Carolina

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