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Puli Sete

Payment Takeover (Subject To) in Jacksonville NC 28546

"Thank you Adam. Very professional and true to his words. Explained every details on how the process works made us more confident in our decisions to do business with them. We closed within a week. I would use their service again if Im ever back in the area. Highly recommend you include them in your options and check them out."

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Laurie Murray

Cash Sale (Inheireted Home) in Jacksonville NC 28540

"Fantastic to do Business with Adam was very Professional and easy to work with , the sale was quick and he didn't cheat us out of anything, not like some other quicks sales , would gladly do business with this company again."

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Lisa Bang

Cash Sale (Pre-Foreclosure) in

Jacksonville NC 28540

"The rental property my brother owned was going thru foreclosure and REI Solutions (Adam Adkins) promptly contacted me regarding the property and we actually closed within 20 days, before the foreclosure court date. This really saved us from a headache with everything...THANK YOU Adam. The process was smooth and headache free."

Cash Home Buyer Jacksonville NC

Sell My House Fast Jacksonville NC - We Buy Houses Jacksonville NC!

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#1 Cash Home Buyers in Onslow County NC!

When You Sell Your House To Us...

  • Talk to our talented team to inform us of your situation while we quickly gather all information needed for your offer.
  • Closings are LOCAL and can be done EVEN IF you are in another state or not physically present!
  • No bank financing, long delays, tons of Realtor showings, time interruptions or getting a lower offer at the closing table.
  • We stand by our fair all cash offer 100%. There's no obligation to you, nor will there be ANY fees for you to pay! We are the #1 cash for houses company!
  • We are buying DIRECTLY from YOU, no middlemen! As a cash home buyer Jacksonville NC we close fast!
  • We Buy AS-IS (in ANY Condition) so you can't put the tools down and let us do the hard work for you! 
  • We can work with your unique situation and find the offer that fits you best!
  • We close with LOCAL and TRUSTED attorneys that have worked with us for many years.
  • NEVER pay Fees or Commissions - We put more money in your pocket and because we pay cash for houses we close fast!
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Subject To Existing Mortgage (Payment Takeover) Purchase in Jacksonville NC - March 2022

Is NC Fair Cash Offer a Local and Trusted Cash Home Buyer?


     Yes we are! At NC Fair Cash Offer people often ask us: “How can I sell so quickly?” “Doesn’t’ that take months?” NO. It takes days. When a buyer obtains financing the process takes months depending on what the buyer may want you to fix, and pay for. We give you a detailed breakdown to help you understand our offer.

    Every persons needs are different and so is each property. We understand your house may need repairs, tenants evicted, quitclaim deeds from family memebers and more. We are here to help you through the process every step of the way! 

    Many people search “Sell My House Fast Jacksonville NC” and "Sell My House For Cash" locally, and need the expertise of a TRUSTED and LOCAL cash home buying company. If you want to sell your Jacksonville NC house… we’re ready to give you a fair all-cash offer or possibly buy on terms. We can take over payments, creat a sell financed note and more!

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Can We Buy Houses Jacksonville NC buy houses with Storm Damage?

Yes! These are the types of houses we are looking to buy! 

We have the ability to take over payments (buying "Subject to the Existing Liens or Mortgages") and title can transfer within 7 Days! Imagine selling your house fast AND being able to pass the responsibility of payments, taxes, insurance, fees and repairs all over to us? 

You may also have Insurance Funds to go toward the 10-Day Payoff of your mortgage with a storm damaged home. We can negotiate with the bank, insurance company and others to use those funds at closing. This is free equity that could take your home to a "No Deal" to "Closing in 2 Weeks"!

How Can NC Fair Cash Offer Buy Houses Cash?

We use Private Lenders or Our Own Cash to Close on Your Property. 

Unlike most investors who use "Hard Money", meaning they have to pay a percentage to borrow money from a person or institution along with "points"- we have private lenders who work with us on a daily basis to help us buy properties fast. They also understand that financially the deal makes sense and trust us with their funds. 

They in turn recieve interest on their money until the property is resold or we refinance with a bank or another institution. We also use our own funds to close in emergency situations.

What's the Best Way to Sell My House Fast Jacksonville NC?

The fastest way to sell your home is selling it to an Investor that can close in 2 weeks or less! 

This question gets asked alot, and the best answer is having an Investment Company like us to buy your property. We pay cash ( no bank financing ) which means no closing delays or fall through in the case of an Retail Buyer. We can analyze your situation and determine what would be the best outcome for both parties, even in the most challenging sales situations. 

Most agents and other buyers may want you to fix items in the home. We take care of all that for you! Heck, you don't even need to clean the place out! We buy as-is, with no repairs or cleaning needed on your part. We work DIRECTLY with the attorneys to facilitate a fast and effecient closing process.

 Fill out the form below to get your 100% FREE NO OBLIGATION Cash Offer - or Call Us to speak with a real investor!

Can I Sell My House "For Sale By Owner"?

Answering that question is a little tricky, but yes you can do "For Sale By Owner". The advantages are obvious- you can skip the realtor commission and fees. However most people who try to sell their house by themselves often do not have sufficient experience in selling.

There are many things that go into selling a property. At NC Fair Cash Offer we can help you with your for sale by owner house. In fact, all the properties we have bought were technically "for sale by owner", even though no sign was in the yard!

Here's a great article to read on "For Sale By Owner" in North Carolina. You can even seller finance the home to another prospective buyer! Contact us to sell your house yourself, fast and effeciently!

What do you have to lose? Fill out the short form below to get your 100% FREE No Obligation Cash Offer Today!

How Can I Sell My House Fast Jacksonville NC if it Needs Repairs?

The answer is this:  We Buy Houses in Jacksonville NC AS-IS with NO repairs necessary from you. As investors we make it as easy as possible to provide you with FAST solutions. You don't need to clean anything, you do not need to make any repairs or put another cent into the property. We take care of all that for you! We love transforming houses that have deferred maintenance or need TONS of love! 

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How Long Does it Take to Sell My House to NC Fair Cash Offer?

Typical closing is within 21 Days from a signed agreement. We have MASSIVE knowledge on how to solve the most complex issues. Granted, we can't solve everyone's selling problems- BUT GIVE US A SHOT! Sell My House Fast Jacksonville NC - TRUST your EXPERT and LOCAL Jacksonville North Carolina Real Estate Team!

Do You Buy Houses Regardless of the Reason or Condition?

Yes! We help owners who have inherited an unwanted property, own a vacant house, are behind on payments, owe liens, downsized and can’t sell… even if the house needs repairs that you can’t pay for… and yes, even if the house is fire damaged or has bad rental tenants. Even if your property is Storm Damaged- these are the types of houses we are looking to buy! Other issues? Facing Divorce? Moving? Upside down in your mortgage? Liens? Foreclosure looming ahead? 

We are the #1 Cash Home Buyers in Jacksonville NC!

We have multiple ways to purchase property, even if a cash offer doesn't work for you! We also have the ability to Take Over Payments if you just don't have enough equity to sell for cash!  It doesn’t matter whether you live in it, you’re renting it out, it’s vacant, or not even habitable. We will respect your property and understand you need to sell your house fast.  You want a fair offer and don't need to be low-balled. We aren't here to waste your time.

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Hurricane Florence Damage Home - Cash Purchase in Jacksonville NC - January 2021

What are the Benefits of We Buy Houses Jacksonville NC (NC Fair Cash Offer)?

The main benefits of selling your house to NC Fair Cash Offer is that we provide you with a clear direction of the way we can purchase your property, transparency throughout the process and what we intend to do with the property once we have purchased it from you! Along with being Better Business Bureau Accredited with an A+ Rating, we take care of everything needed for you to sell your home to a cash buyer.

Below are the highlights of selling your house faster without an agent or realtor if your situation calls for it:

We Buy Houses Jacksonville NC for Cash and Close Quickly!

We use our own cash to close on houses! This means there's no bank financing or long closing periods. We can close in as fast as 7 Days, or on your timeframe! We pay top cash for houses an we are ready to buy!

Sell Your House Faster without a Realtor or Agent!

Because we buy directly from you, there's no Agent or Realtor fees! The process is simple, fast, and can save you THOUSANDS of dollars! No stacks of paperwork, no Agent showings. We buy houses fast!

Sell My House Cash or On Terms (Creative Deal Structure).

There's more than one way for us to purchase houses. With multiple buying options, we can adapt to your unique selling situation and provide the highest offer price the first time!

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NC Fair Cash Offer - Jacksonville NC #1 Cash Home Buyer!

Jacksonville, NC has a unique Military presence consisting of the United State Marine Corps, United States Navy, United States Coast Guard and other branches.  

We aim to provide solutions for our Military that may be moving to another duty location. We can help you find a new home locally or even help cover moving costs before a sale.

If you're looking to sell a property with ANY kinds of issues- weather it be storm damage, facing foreclosure, inherited or house in probate process, tax liens, job transfer or for ANY reason! We can help you navigate through the tough ins and outs of real estate with our expert team! We buy houses Jacksonville North Carolina and in every major city!

We utilize the best possible closing attorneys and industry professionals to help get your house sold fast, with no worries on a closing or funding. It's especially important to watch out for other "We Buy Houses" companies or "Sell My House Fast" companies that aren't local!

We have been through some tough deals due to the fact the seller was duped by some fly-by-night individuals offering a very high price (often time very unrealistic to the seller) in hopes of getting your property under contract! You should carefully vet each and every "Investor" or cash buyer that you contact. Do they have reviews? Are they Better Business Bureau Accredited and have an A+ Rating?

We Buy Houses Jacksonville NC! We Love to buy in these areas: